Working Principle Of Knitted Socks Machine
Jun 15, 2018

There are many kinds of hosiery machines. According to the classification of needle, they can be divided into two types: single needle socks machine and double needle hosiery machine. Classified according to the organizational structure of socks, it can be divided into jacquard hosiery machine, embroidery hosiery machine, Terry hosiery machine and so on.

In order to meet the knitting needs of these different sections, the needle cylinder of the hosiery machine can not only be used for one-way motion, but also can be reciprocating, and it has automatic control movement, such as fast, slow speed, and transformation of the knitting section. The structure of hosiery machine can be divided into the following parts: 
(1) transmission part: fast drive wheel, slow drive wheel, switch wheel and so on. Such
(2) control part: there are push plates, flower plates, chain plates, big supporting boards, small supporting plates, and clutches. Such
(3) knitting part: needle cylinder, knitting triangle, needle collector, needle holder, scissors, etc.

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