What Are The Knitting Speed Factors Of The Knitting Machine?
Jun 15, 2018

The knitting speed of the knitting machine is a parameter that the customer is very concerned about. For knitting machines with the same performance standards, the faster the knitting speed, the better. Let's take a look at the factors that generally affect the speed of the knitting machine:

    1, speed;

      The faster the knitting machine rotates, the faster the number of knitting cycles per unit time will be, and the faster the natural knitting speed will be. The factors that limit this speed are related to factors such as the quality of the motor and the properties of the braided material.

     2, pitch;

    The larger the pitch between the woven layers, the smaller the number of woven layers per unit length to be completed and the faster the speed. To ensure the quality of the braided hose, the pitch between the woven layers must be ensured, and the pitch should be smaller. The more dense the braid, the better the braided tube performance;

   3, diameter;

   The same knitting quality requirements, the greater the diameter, the faster the weaving speed;

   Therefore, when we purchase weaving machines, we must not only look at the weaving speed of weaving machines, but also the quality of weaving. Only weaving machines with both efficiency and quality are the best weaving machines in our minds.

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