The Difference Between A Big Circular Machine And A Circular Loom
Sep 09, 2018

The difference between a big circular machine and a circular loom:

    1. The big round machine and the circular loom are completely different. The big round machine is a knitting machine, and the circular loom is strictly a machine weaving machine (ie, a flat loom).

    2. The electronic jacquard big circular machine is a circular knitting machine that uses a computer to control the pattern. The yarn is fed into the cloth from the weft direction. Therefore, it is also called weft knitting machine. The weaving cloth is in the shape of a cylinder, so the finishing needs to be cut. This process can be double-sided or single-sided.

    3. Four-circle circular loom refers to a circular loom with four weft pickers. The weft insertion is different from the linear motion of a general flat loom. The weft insertion of a circular loom is made by circular motion through the warp yarn. Many webbing machines are such machines. There are many kinds, very simple, of course, the more the shuttle, the more warp yarns, the more complicated.

    4. These two machines basically can weave raw materials, except for some special yarns, such as thick twine.

    5. The large circular machine mainly woven garments and decorative fabrics, and the general industrial fabrics can also be woven; the main industrial objects of circular looms.

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