Single-sided Knitting Circular Machine
Jul 29, 2018

    The single-sided series knitting circular machine is a machine with a syringe. Specifically divided into the following categories.

1. Ordinary single-face knitting circular machine

    Ordinary single-knit circular knitting machine is the number of turns in the circle (usually 3~4 times the diameter of the syringe, that is, 3 way ∕ 25.4mm~4 way ∕ 25.4mm), such as 30′′ single-sided machine with 90F~120F, The 34" single-sided machine has a 102~126F road, etc., with high speed and high output. In China, some knitting enterprises are called multi-angle machines (mainly developed by Z241 type).

    Ordinary single-knit circular knitting machine has single needle (one runway), two needles (two runways), three needles (three runways), four-needle and six-needle models, which are mostly in knitting enterprises. The four-needle single-sided circular machine is used. It uses a combination of needles and triangles to weave a variety of new fabrics.

2, single-face terry machine

    The single-face terry machine is also called a single-sided towel machine. It has a single-needle, double-needle and four-needle machine, and has a terry loop machine (the terry yarn is wrapped in the ground tissue yarn, which is the terry yarn displayed on the front of the fabric, two places The yarn of the tissue is covered inside) and the anti-banding machine (that is, the terry fabric that we all see, the yarn of the ground tissue is on the opposite side of the fabric), using the arrangement of the sinker and the yarn. To weave new fabrics.

3, three-line weft insertion machine

    The three-line weft insertion machine is called a sweater or a flannel machine in the knitting enterprise. It has a single-needle, double-needle He-Needle model for the production of all kinds of plush and non-wool products. He uses needles and yarns to produce new fabrics.

4, jacquard single-sided knitting circular machine

   The jacquard single-face knitting circular machine has two types of small jacquard machines and large jacquard machines.

1) Small single-sided jacquard knitting circular machine

    The small jacquard knitting machine is called a mechanical jacquard machine in the knitting enterprise. It changes the variety is simple, convenient and fast, but the rotation speed is low and the output is low. It has jacquard wheel type (commonly known as faceplate type), paddle type (swing type), drum type, insert type, etc. It is used to weave all kinds of single-faced small jacquard fabrics with ordinary single-sided and ordinary terry. Small jacquard machines such as sweaters and transfer rings.

2) Large single-sided jacquard knitting circular machine

    The large single-sided jacquard knitting machine is commonly known as the computer jacquard big round machine, because it is a floppy disk that is designed to be used as a good floppy disk, and the input program can be woven, so it is also called a fool big round machine. The machine uses a computer program for knitting needle selection for weaving, non-weaving and tucking. It has two functions (looping and floating, looping and tucking) and three functions (one way can weave, gather and float at the same time) ) is used to weave knitted fabrics that produce large patterns, and can change the color of the yarn. There are four colors, five colors, six colors and eight colors, and each has a large jacquard single-sided, jacquard hair. Circle jacquard, jacquard sweater, transfer ring and other jacquard machines.

    The computerized jacquard knitting machine greatly shortens the product design cycle. It is the cost reduction of the product of the big circular machine, and the product quality is greatly improved. The economic and social benefits of the enterprise are improved, and the competitiveness and adaptability of the enterprise are improved.

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