Rib Knitting Machine
Jun 13, 2018

The rib knitting machine is mainly composed of a knitting mechanism, a yarn feeding mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism, and a transmission mechanism. The knitting mechanism consists of needles, dials, cams, latch needles, yarn guides and other mechanical parts (see figure on the next page). The cylinder is a metal cylinder and the cylinder surface is slotted in the axial direction.

The dial is a metal disk. The disk is slotted in the radial direction. The number of slots is equal to the number of slots in the barrel. The dial is mounted above the barrel and the barrel slot and stud groove are staggered. There is a gap between the dial and the barrel for the passage of the fabric. The latch needles are inserted in the dial grooves and the syringe grooves, respectively. The triangular composition of the syringe triangle controls the triangular needle path of the needle movement of the needle. The triangular composition of the dial of the dial is used to control the triangular needle path where the needle is moved radially in and out.

Whether it is the rib lining where the needle cylinder rotates synchronously with the dial, and the rib lining fixed by the pedestal and the dial, the yarn is introduced from the yarn guide and the front stitch is formed by the needle needle of the needle. Needle plate needles form the reverse coil. A yarn alternately weaves the front and back coils in the weft to form a rib structure.

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