Lubricating Dust Removal Mechanism For Knitting Circular Machine
Aug 05, 2018

    The knitting circular machine is a precise system that runs at a high speed and cooperates with each other. Because the yarn will produce a lot of flying flowers and dust during the weaving process, the central part of the knitting is easy to be caused by flying flowers and dust and oil stains. The large circular machine will be damaged,  so the lubrication and dust removal (cleaning) of the moving parts is very important. The knitting circular machine has the following functions and features in the lubrication and dust removal season:

1. The special oil mist type fuel injector provides good lubrication for the surface of the braided parts, and the oil level indication and fuel consumption are visible. When the fuel quantity of the fuel injector is insufficient, the Great Circle will automatically stop running and issue a warning on the operation panel.

2. The new type of electronic machine is an automatic refueling machine, which makes setting and operation more convenient and intuitive.

3. The radar fan has a wide dust-removing surface, which can remove impurities such as flying flowers from the creel and the yarn accumulator to the wide range of knitted parts, so as to avoid the yarn supply being poor due to the entanglement of impurities such as flying flowers.

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