Knitting Machine Introduction
Jun 13, 2018

Weaving machine suitable raw materials varieties are: nylon multifilament (line), polypropylene filament (line), polypropylene, polyester, nylon, PP, low elasticity, high elasticity, cotton yarn (line), pearl light, leather material, mixed and so on.

The high-speed horse-riding knitting machine has a complete set of N-color automatic conversion devices, and is driven by a computer-controlled motor to perform automatic switching between the yarn feeders, so that multi-color pattern knitting is simple and easy. With its high-performance knitting, it can easily complete high-quality flower knitting that can only be done on a large-scale computer knitting machine, and miniaturizes high-grade computer knitting.


Knitting machines can be divided into sweater knitting machines, glove knitting machines, wire knitting machines, wire mesh knitting machines, straw rope knitting machines, elastic band knitting machines, and plastic net bag knitting machines.


1. Fully automatic N-color device

With the newly developed N color control line device, N colors can be knitted on the single plate or double plate.

2, large-capacity memory

It can store and memorize larger complicated flower designs that have been designed. It can store N ingots/X indentations at maximum, and can store up to N ingots/X indents for N-color flowers above a single color.

3, magnetic card input system

The designed flower PPD-35 is removed, and then inserted into the card holder of the CK35 knitting machine. By simply operating, the flower design in the magnetic card can be quickly input into the knitting machine.

4、Automatic safe operation of electric motor

The computer-controlled electric motor also has the following safe operating modes: A. Break-to-stop mode: During the weaving process, when the worsted yarn is suddenly disconnected, the machine head immediately stops the operating mechanism, B, and the overload stops: During the weaving process, If the yarn is wound or the horse is bent or damaged, it will cause the operation to be blocked. When the load is too heavy, it will automatically stop and automatically memorize the number of rows. Stops and automatically memorizes the number of rows weave.

5, can freely change the width of the knitting, fast and convenient.

Weaving machines are mainly used in shipbuilding manufacturers, ocean shipping, defense military, offshore oil, port operations, automotive aviation and trains, furniture, shoes, clothing, belts, wrist bands, jewelry and other broad areas. Its product weaving structure is reasonable, process science, with high strength, low elongation, wear and tear resistance, easy operation and so on. Particularly suitable for making large-scale ropes.

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