Double-knit Circular Knitting Machine
Aug 05, 2018

      The double-knit circular machine is a large circular machine with two syringes, which is an upper syringe (commonly known as a dial) and a lower syringe, and is arranged perpendicular to each other, that is, the dial and the syringe are vertically arranged at 90 degrees. It mainly has the following types.

1, rib machine

    The rib machine is a special type of double-sided circular machine. It has a (1+1) needle track (one needle for the dial, one needle for the syringe), a (2+2) needle, a (2+4) needle, and a (4+4) needle. The use of a combination of triangles and knitting needles and yarn alignment to weave a new type of knitted fabric.

2, ordinary double-sided large circular machine

    Ordinary double-sided circular machine, also known as cotton machine, multi-function machine, universal knitting machine, etc., with the rib machine, it also has (1+1) needle, (2+2) needle, (2+4) needle and (4+4) needle track. In order to produce more varieties of colors, the newly introduced knitting circular machine is mainly made up of (2+4) needle circular machine, which is woven by using the arrangement of the triangle and the knitting needles and the yarn arrangement. Production of new knitted fabrics.

3, jacquard double-knit circular machine

    The double-sided jacquard knitting machine has two types of small jacquard machines and large jacquard machines.

   1) Small double-sided jacquard knitting machine

    The same small single-sided jacquard knitting machine with small double-sided jacquard machines such as ordinary rib, double-sided and transfer.

    2) Large double-sided jacquard knitting machine

    The same large-scale single-face jacquard knitting circular machine, with large jacquard double-sided, transfer and other types of jacquard.

    In addition, there are some special large circular machines, namely the transfer circle machine (the transfer rib machine, the single-sided transfer circle machine, the double-sided transfer circle machine, etc.) and the double-faced terry machine (that is, the loop effect on both sides of the fabric) ), the single-sided machine (ie double reverse machine).

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