Composition Of Knitting Circular Machine
Aug 05, 2018

    The knitting circular machine is composed of a frame, a yarn feeding mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a lubricating dust removal (cleaning) mechanism, an electric control mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism and other auxiliary devices.

Knitting part of the knitting machine

    The frame type of the knitting circular machine consists of three feet (commonly known as the lower leg) and a round (also square) table top. The lower leg is fixed by three forks. The table top (commonly known as the big plate) has three uprights (commonly known as the upper leg or the straight leg). ), a creel seat is mounted on the straight foot. A safety door (also called a protective door) is installed in the gap between the three lower legs. The rack must be stable and safe. It has the following characteristics:

1. The lower leg adopts a built-in structure.

All electrical wiring, tools, etc. of the motor can be placed in the lower leg, making the machine safe, simple and generous.

2, the security door has a reliable function

When the door is opened, the machine will automatically stop running and display a warning on the operation panel to avoid accidents.

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