Application Of S350 Frequency Converter On Large Circular Machine
Aug 05, 2018

Process requirements

·Knitting large circular machine is a cotton cloth that weaves cotton yarn into a tube shape. Equipment often requires emergency stop.

· Requires flexible jog operation. The working process requires the motor to run smoothly

·High starting torque requirement

·Working environment temperature is too high

System advantages

[S350 high performance vector inverter system advantages]

·S350 inverter has low frequency torque, stable output and 180% starting torque

· The smooth soft start function of the inverter reduces the impact of the equipment on the power grid. The superior protection function greatly improves the process of the equipment and improves the quality of the product.

·The plug-in fan heat dissipation design is easy to maintain and fully meets the long-term working conditions of the equipment in high temperature environment.

· Directly receive PLC pulse signal, saving PLC analog output module cost

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